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Satya White Sage Incense 15g Pack


White Sage 

White Sage, is a Natives Tribal plant, grows on high desert ecosystems and predominantly in California. It is a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant, sage is typically burned to release any heavy, negative energy within a space and turn it into good, positive energy. In the form of incense stick, the scent is lighter and easy to handle!

白色鼠尾草是印第安部落的植物,是一種原產於高沙漠生態系統的植物,主要​​生長在加利福尼亞州 它是神聖,潔淨,淨化和保護植物,鼠尾草通常被燃燒以釋放空間內的任何重負能量。報告指出燃燒鼠尾草有助淨化空氣嘅細菌達94%,一些街上空氣中傳播的殘餘雜質,或家居清潔劑噴霧中的化學物品都能有效浄化!空氣浄化好之後,都來一個能量上的清洗!

15g ,approx. 12-14pc/box , Stick burn time: approx 30 min

用香盤燃點線香更加增添氣氛, more enjoyable to burn incense in the tray , click here to explore!

for option of white sage smudging bundle, click here to find out more!

about Satya Incense

Shrinivas Sugandhalaya is the founder of Satya incense, hand rolled in India from pure extracts and fine scented oils. Satya Incense is world renowned for its fine fragrance. Natural ingredients are perfectly blended to create a sweet, long lasting earthy fragrance which will last for hours after the stick has finished 

Satya White Sage Incense 15g Pack