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什麼是內臟手法治療? What is Visceral Manipulation?

大部分人都不太清楚內臟手法治療(Visceral Manipulation ,簡稱:VM)可以治療的範圍,其實大部份病人前來接受治療,都離不開腰骨痛、頸痛、膝痛、肩膀痛等問題。只是,大部分情況,這些問題的根源,並非來自關節肌肉或骨骼。 「治療」,就是找出根源問題,再對症下手;找不出問題,病也沒法根治。我們關心的,不是病人患甚麼病及其症狀,而是找出問題根源,扶正病人健康。 Many people are not clear about what conditions Visceral Manipulation (VM) can treat. In fact, majority of patients coming for the treatment, are painful conditions on back, neck, knee or shoulders etc. It is just that the root cause of these conditions are not due to musculoskeletal or osteo-articular system. “To treat” is to locate the root cause and to treat the cause; the problem can by no means be cured if the root cause cannot be located. What we care about is NOT the symptoms or illnesses of patients, but the root cause of the illness/problem so as to help the body to get back to “health”.