Sage Bundle (Sierra Nevada)


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Sage Bundle (Sierra Nevada)

This particular sage is collected from the Sierra Nevada, California. It is named the “Range of Light” Or more accurately “Range of Multidimensional Light”

Inherited the high vibrational frequency of this majestic mountain, the sage is highly sacred and powerful to clean and to protect!

White Sage, is a Natives Tribal plant, grows on high desert ecosystems and predominantly in California.

It is a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant, sage is typically burned to release any heavy, negative energy within a space and turn it into good, positive energy. Smudging Herb measures approximately 4" in length, and would make the perfect gift for those who love incense, burning herbs and candles.

這些鼠尾草是由內華達山脈而來是一條縱貫美國加利福尼亞州東部的山脈。又名為 「光之山脈」最貼切的是 「多次元光之山脈」,帶著山脈高震頻的轉動,這些鼠尾草可發揮極理想的能量清理和保護。



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