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Palo Santo Wood Stick 聖木 ($100/4pcs)

Cleanse our home, Cleanse our mind 
Smudging for physical, mental, and energetically benefit 
In situation where we want to safe guard the quality of our home air from unnecessary chemical pollutants, whether it is bad air from the street, or the cleaning detergent, there is an ancient way to purify the bacteria in the air! It is to burn sage! Research shows burning sage with the smoke for an hour, killing 94% gems and it is still effective in the next day! 
While purify the air at home is vital to our health, at the same time to purify energy is equally important to boost our vibes, the energy of our home is like a temple, only good vibes stay! Palo Santo, native to South Africa, carries high vibration, the name means “holy stick” it gives the woody warm and citrus scent, cleanse the energy of the space and us too! 
For our own mental benefit, lit and incense to sit or to meditate, it gives a calming, soothing effect to our mind! 





當空間的空氣淨化好,能量也清理好,對於我們的精神健康也需要來一個boost! 點一支線香,冥想一下或靜靜坐下也好!頭腦清晰,可冷靜處理日常生活所面對的挑戰!

現在我哋可以一次過清晒空間,能量,情緒精神!來一個cleansing 吧!

Palo Santo Wood Stick 聖木 ($100/4pcs)