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What's 5D?

What is 5D? 什麼是5D? 5D (5th Dimension) is not a place or location, but a level of consciousness that vibrates at different frequency. Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below. Each higher dimension exists a clearer, wider perspective of reality, a greater level of knowing. Higher dimension  consciousness allows us to experience freedom, more opportunities to create reality. Currently, we are experiencing in 3rd Dimension; hence, 5ive.d aims to show a way to raise our community consciousness to the 5th Dimension!  5D:第5維度/次元 並不是指一個實在的地方或位置,而是內在振動頻率的意識水平。每個維度的振動速率都比前一個高。達到更高的維度令視野更清晰,對現實的覺察更廣寬,更有深度的認知。高維度的意識讓我們得到自由自在,擁有更大的力量,創造美好現實的機會。現在我們是處於第三次元,成立5ive.d 目的是為提升社區的意識進入一個自由的第五次元作最大動力!