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Sweet Grass


Sweet grass (Hierochloe odorata), also known as vanilla grass, holy grass and buffalo grass, is a native North American grass.

Native Americans called it, “the grass that never dies,” because they believed the plant retained its spirit and fragrance long after it had been harvested; some tribes believed it was the first plant to cover the earth.

21 strands to make a braid..the first 7 strands represent those 7 generations behind us~Our parents Our grandparents, who we are and what we are is because of them, they've brushed and made the trails we have been walking up til now...the trails have been destroyed. The time has come to heal and connect with our ancestors. They paid a tremendous price for us to be able to speak out against injustices, we do not have the right to remain quiet.

The next 7 represent the 7 sacred teachings...
Love, Respect, Honesty, Courage, Wisdom, Truth and Humility

Native Americans found many uses for sweet grass:
- they braided dried stems of sweet grass using them as incense and smudges for religious ceremonies including purification rites.

- stuffed small bags with dried sweet grass and carried them to chase away bad smells.

Sweet Grass