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Star Child Taurus Space Aroma 5ml



4月21日 -  5月21日


金牛座喜歡感官上的快樂,任何他們可以觸摸和感受,嗅覺或品嚐的東西都會讓他們高興。他們欣賞美麗,並具有敏銳的美學和藝術感。他們相信生活的觸覺,物質方面,並運用園藝原則來增長他們的財富 - 知道什麼時候播種,如何培育嫩的生長,並在時機成熟時收穫 - 始終保持一些種子開始下一季的周期。規劃長期而非短期利潤是金牛座成功的關鍵。

金牛座也與建造者聯繫在一起 - 每個堅固的結構都建立在牢固的基礎之上,而每個磚塊的強度都取決於之前鋪設的那些。房屋和花園提供住房和食物,是生活和金牛座主要關注的基本安全基礎。金牛座欣賞高品質,並且對價格/價值比有敏銳的洞察力,他有一種本能的“優惠”。

金牛座的弱點在於過度放縱,拖延或純粹的懶惰。當你開心嗅到沿途的花朵時,時間過得很快 - 但是當鮮花消失,沒有為未來種植種子時會發生什麼呢?







21st April - 21st May

When the sun enters Taurus spring is already well on the way. Mother Nature is clad in her most beautiful flower dress and romance is in the air. The sap is rising and nature has turned into a feast for the senses.

Taurus loves sensuous pleasures, anything they can touch and feel, smell or taste delights them. They appreciate beauty and have a keen sense of aesthetics and the arts. They believe in the tactile, material aspects of life and apply the principles of gardening to growing their wealth - knowing when to sow the seeds, how to nurture the tender growth and to harvest when the time is ripe - always keeping some seeds to start off the next season's cycle. Planning for the long term rather than for short term profit is the Taurean key to success.

Taurus is also associated with builder - every strong structure is built on firm foundations and each brick's strength depends on those that have been laid before. House and garden provide shelter and food, the basic security foundation of life and Taurus primary concern.

Taurus appreciates high quality and has a keen sense of the price/value ratio and he has an instinctive nose for 'a good deal'. Taurus' weakness lies in overindulgence, procrastination or sheer indolence. Time flies when you are having fun smelling the flowers along the way- but what happens when the flowers are gone and no seeds have been planted for the future' Another Taurean pitfall can be a sense of insecurity that leads to possessiveness, either in their personal relationships or regarding their material assets. Taurus is ruled by Venus who loves his sensual nature.

Taurus will benefit from the influence of the Moon who not only makes this sign extra fertile, but also imparts a caring and nurturing attitude.

Magical Infusions
Venus ~ Open heart chakra, love, compassion, sensuality, giving and receiving, prosperity.

Earth ~ Practicality, five senses, material world, sensuality, manifestation, prosperity, grounding.

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Star Child Taurus Space Aroma 5ml