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Star child Sun Incense


Star Child的行星系列可以燃燒,以調整行星作為神靈的萬神殿,其動態的相互作用在我們的世界中產生影響。它們可用於儀式和儀式,以崇拜和尊敬上帝,或在各種努力中祈求他們的神聖支持。

Star Child’s range of Planetary Incense can be burned to attune to the planets as a pantheon of deities whose dynamic interactions have their repercussions in our world. They can be used in rituals and ceremonies to worship and honour the Gods or pray for their divine support in various endeavours.

SUN 太陽是我們太陽系統的中心,是這個星球上每一個生命的動力。它給我們光明和溫暖,沒有它,任何東西都不能生存或成長。古往今來,所有的文化都把太陽奉為宇宙中最重要的男性神和給予生命的力量。在占星術上,太陽代表著自我或個性。它被視為內在的神聖火花——活力和生命力,力量和創造力的源泉。太陽代表個人的自我價值感和自信心。它代表了更高的意識,宇宙意識,以及識別更高真相的能力,這是一種用心“看”的方式(在我心裡我知道這是真的……)。太陽在身體中的位置是太陽叢和心臟。

SUN ~ 淨化,自我實現,創造力,自信,與更高的自我溝通。

The sun is the centre of our solar-system and the life-giving force for each and every living being on this planet. It provides us with light and warmth, without which nothing could live or grow. All cultures throughout time have worshiped the Sun as the most important male deity and life-giving force of our universe.Astrologically, the Sun represents the self or individuality. It is seen as the divine spark within - the vitality and life force, the source of power and creativity. The sun denotes an individual's sense of self-worth and confidence. It represents higher consciousness, cosmic awareness, and the ability to recognise higher truth, which is a way of 'seeing' with the heart (In my heart I know this to be true). The sun's seat in the body is the solar plexus and the heart.Sun ~ Purification, self-realisation, creativity, confidence, communication with higher self.

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Star child Sun Incense