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Star Child Scorpio Space Aroma 5ml





天蠍座利用內在的機智,他們以一心一意的決心將其應用於任何選定的焦點。在天秤座只看到美麗的地方,天蠍座看到潛伏在後面的野獸。它也沒有任何疑慮引起人們的注意 - 儘管其他跡象寧願忽略它。這是讓天蠍座不受歡迎的事情之一。






23rd October - 22nd November

The life force is retreating into the dark, murky underworld when the sun enters Scorpio . The growth is dying back and going into dormancy awaiting warmer, brighter days. However, it stays alive in that underworld, regenerating its energy and inner resources so that it can burst forth as soon as spring comes around.

Scorpios draw on that inner resourcefulness, the hidden depth of their personal underworld. That is where they get their boundless energy from, which they apply to any chosen focus with single-minded determination. Where Libra only sees the beauty, Scorpio sees the beast lurking just behind. It has no qualms to draw attention to it either - though other signs will prefer to ignore it. That is one of the things that make Scorpio unpopular.

Another is its tendency to protect its feelings by putting up an impenetrable wall. It can not stand to appear weak and will bite off its tongue in spite of its face rather than admit to its vulnerability. Where Libra likes to harmonize, Scorpio loves the contrast, the extremes, the tension created by disparity. 

It can be uncompromising, stubborn and unforgiving. It seems as though Scorpio needs to go though its personal 'hell' and face its inner demons before it can be reborn and rise from the fire, purified and ready to soar like the eagle, the other symbol of this ambivalent sign.

Scorpio benefits from Uranus to raise his sights to cosmic dimensions. It may also benefit from Mercury as a means to express his unfathomable mind and depths of feelings.

Magical Infusions
Pluto ~ Initiation, shamanic journeys, purification, transformation, spiritual rebirth, letting go of past pain. Water ~ Feeling, sensitivity, psychic powers, receptivity, imagination, emotion, nurture, wisdom, love.

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Star Child Scorpio Space Aroma 5ml