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Star Child Sagittarius Space Aroma 5ml












23rd November - 20th December

Nature has gone into winter mode when the sun enters Sagittarius . There are numerous parties to attend during the run-up to Christmas , to celebrate the end of the year with a bit of winter cheer. It a good time to pack the bags and take off on a tropical vacation, or at least get cosy by the fire and do some armchair travelling.

Sagittarius is a party animal who likes to 'see and be seen'. He searches for social gatherings to find a willing audience for his lectures or latest enthusiasms. Sagittarius is always in hot pursuit of something- a deal, a project or a dragon to slay. However, his/ her passions don't last long, just until the next best thing appears on the horizon.

He / She is optimistic and there is always another opportunity if things don't work out this time around. Sagittarius philosophy is - it is better to set the aim high and miss the goal than never to shoot the arrow at all.

He / She is curious and always ready for an adventure, at least in theory. Sometimes he/she is more of an armchair traveller who derives his thrills from adventure fantasies. But those that do travel regard it as a quest, a way of expanding their inner and outer horizons, Some prefer travelling in the mind and take up the study of philosophy, religion, law, ethics, metaphysics or spirituality. The perfect way to pass on their knowledge is teaching and kindle passion and enthusiasms in those that share their interests.

Sagittarius finds it hard to get settled and gets depressed when there is no excitement around. The danger is that he will end up in perpetual pursuit and never achieve anything or be satisfied with anything, because the grass will always be greener on the other side.

Magical Infusions
Jupiter ~ Wisdom, prosperity, spirituality, faith, hope, personal growth, protection, healing, guidance.

Fire ~ Action, will-power, creativity, insight, initiative, courage, drive, enthusiasm.

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Star Child Sagittarius Space Aroma 5ml