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Star Child Rosemary Essential Oil Organic 10ml


Rosemary carries the energy of a stern teacher

Traditional Use

  • it is stimulating and acts particularly well on the peripheral circulation and blood supply to the head.
  • to stimulate the senses and to 'oil' the memory and brain function.
  • It can be helpful for headaches, especially when these are due to overwork.
  • it is also good for all kinds of muscle aches and rheumatic pains, gout, neuralgia and similar.
  • It stimulates the heart and can be used as an inhalant for respiratory complaints.
  • It is an excellent oil for stress related conditions and mental or nervous exhaustion and fatigue.
  • It can be used in aromatherapy skin care as a toning agent and for hair care products to check dandruff and loss of hair.
  • Caution: Not recommended during first 4 months of pregnancy or if suffering from high blood pressure.

Magical Use

  • It is strongly protective and purifying, and cleansing the atmosphere of bad energies.

  • It has been used to burn in sick-rooms to and can be used in healing rituals to help to dispel the demons of disease.

  • It can protect against bad dreams and all manner of evil influences.

  • Rosemary can support the student by helping him or her memorise the teachings and to concentrate on the work. 

  • Rosemary gives vigour, strength, courage and mental clarity.


  • An herbaceous, slightly camphor-like, woody scent. Blends well with Cypress, Frankincense, Lavender, Citronella, Bergamot, Marjoram, Thyme, Pine, Basil, Peppermint, Elemi, Cedarwood, Petitgrain, Juniper and Peppermint.

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Star Child Rosemary Essential Oil Organic 10ml