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Star Child Rose Water Organic 100ml



玫瑰是屬於金星的香草,也就是代表愛與美的女神。玫瑰舒適的香氣帶起了人們的熱情和渴求,這些都是埃及艷后都沒有用的用途,因為她在房間灑滿了玫瑰花來引誘Mark Antony。在現今社會中,玫瑰的香味還是在化妝品和香水中很常見。玫瑰花水可以舒緩和調膚,也可以滋潤皮膚。



The Rose is a herb of Venus who is the goddess of love and beauty, whose attributes it has come to signify. The aroma of roses stirs passion and desire, qualities that even Cleopatra was not coy to employ for her own purposes since she scatter her bedroom floor with rose petals in an attempt to seduce Mark Antony. The scent of roses is of paramount importance in cosmetics and perfumery to this day. The flower water retains many qualities of the essential oil. It soothes and tones the skin and makes an excellent water replacement in moisturising preparations.

Rosewater is excellent for all kinds of love magic, philtres and potions to help in the quest for a playmate or new romance, or to heal a broken heart.

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Star Child Rose Water Organic 100ml