Star child Moon Incense


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Star child Moon Incense

月球是離地球最近的天體它總是與魔法和神秘聯繫在一起,尤其是女性的神秘從時間開始,月亮就被崇拜為母親 - 。女神,中央的,最重要的女性女神,誰授予生育能力和統治出生,死亡和再生。從占星術的角度來看,月亮象徵著我們的靈魂,或者是動物,我們對周圍世界的感覺,衝動和反應。月亮掌管著想像力,這是魔法和顯現的關鍵。她還統治著母親和母親的衝動,創世紀和女性的創造力,本能和直覺。她代表了人類心靈的情感生活。


The Moon is the closest heavenly body to the Earth. It has always been associated with magic and mysteries, especially the female mysteries. Since the beginning of time the Moon has been worshiped as the Mother-Goddess, the central, most important female Goddess, who bestows the power of fertility and reigns over birth, death and regeneration.Astrologically, the Moon signifies the soul, or anima, our feelings, impulses and responses to the world around. The Moon governs the imagination, the key to magic and manifestation. She also rules mother and mothering-impulses, genesis and female creativity, instinct and intuition. She represents the emotional life of the human psyche.Moon ~ Psychic sensitivity, self-reflection, fertility astral travel, visualisation, dream-work.


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