Star Child Love Potion No 9 Massage Oil 100 ml


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Star Child Love Potion No 9 Massage Oil 100 ml

its uniqueness blending yields a seductive scent to present the sensation of Mars and Venus! Apply it whenever you feel like to increase likihood to attract things you want to see!

LOVE POTION NO.9 旨在刺激慾望和增加性吸引力的誘人的精油混合。晚香玉的香甜,異國情調的香氣是愛的女神的神聖。來自地中海物種 Rock Rose 的Labdanum 提供了一種神聖的香脂和深沉的感官氣味,而廣藿香則添加了一種麝香基調和檀香木的平衡,並將這種混合物融合成一種不可抗拒的誘人成分。這種按摩油包括對應於火星的熱情和神的愛的金星的性吸引的神奇輸液。 

配料: 杏仁油, 杏仁, 檀香, 佛手柑, Petitgrain, 晚香玉, Labdanum 樹脂, 小荳蔻, 何木, 廣藿香, 維生素

VENUS 金星〜開放心輪,愛,同情,感性,給予和接受,繁榮。

MARS 火星〜能量,驅力,勇氣,激情,行動,消除恐懼和憂慮。


A seductive blend of essential oils intended to stimulate desire and increase sexual allure. The sweet, exotic scent of Tuberose is sacred to the Goddess of Love. Labdanum, distilled from a Mediterranean species of Rock Rose, offers a divinely balsamic and deeply sensual scent, while Patchouli adds a musky base note and Sandalwood balances and combines the blend into an irresistibly alluring composition. This massage oil includes magical infusions that correspond to the fiery passion of Mars and the sexual allure of Venus, the Goddess of Love.


Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Petitgrain, Tuberose Absolute, Labdanum resinoid, Cardamom, Ho-Wood, Patchouli, Vitamin E

VENUS ~ Open heart chakra, love, compassion, sensuality, giving and receiving, prosperity.

MARS ~ Energy, drive, courage, passion, action, dispels fear and apprehension, anti- apathetic.

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