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23rd September - 22nd October

When the sun enters Libra, autumn equinox have reached - night and day are in perfect equilibrium. Libra is a sign of balance with a keen eye for any imbalances that disturb her sense of aesthetics.

Libra loves art and design. He/ She has a fine appreciation of artistic symmetry. Libra is an extremely idealistic sign which is kept as a fictitious measure the abstract state of ideal balance, though it may have no basis in actual reality. As a result, the world's imperfection often make Libra feel disappointed. Libra has an eye for beauty and pays a lot of attention to appearances.

Libra may be prone projecting all evil on 'The Other', refusing to acknowledge any 'beast' within. Libra is a sociable sign that hates injustice and may be a noble fighter for humanistic causes. Libra can't stand the friction caused by imbalances and is always eager to iron them out. It is the sign of the master diplomat, who knows how to make people FEEL involved: Libra makes her own decision based on everyones's input.

Libra does it very skilfully so as not to offend anybody, since it is desperate to be liked by everybody. Libras can have a tendency to be indecisive, endlessly weighing things up and come to an irrational compromise that does not benefit either party in the end.

Libra defines her sense of self through her relationships with others, be it a partner or her role in the community. However, without that role, she is at a loss as to her own self-worth and identity.

Saturn is beneficial to Libra, who helps to ground her idealism through practical application.

Magical Infusions
Venus ~ Open heart chakra, love, compassion, sensuality, giving and receiving, prosperity.

Air ~ Ideas, concepts, thought, knowledge, mental powers, logos, reason, visualisation, understanding.

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Star Child Libra Space Aroma 5ml