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Star Child Leo Space Aroma 5ml













24th July - 23rd August

The heat of the summer is on when the sun enters the sign of Leo. Nature is beginning to bear its sweet fruit and the long, hot days are an invitation to lay back and play. Leo enjoys the good life, the parties, the fun in the sun, good food and wine, expensive cars and accessories, in short a luxurious lifestyle of glitter, fame and fortune.

They love to spoil themselves and often have a radiant glow about them. Leo is the sign of creativity and many Leos are indeed artists and actors who enjoy the limelight of centre stage. 

They still like to be at the centre of attention even though they are not artists. Monetary means permitting they are often found as patrons of the arts. Leo is very generous and likes to show their love by lavishing expensive gifts on those they love.

They are proud of their possessions, and their concept of possession includes their partner and children, which they also want to show off. Leo is very creative and they search for recognition.

Their creativity is their precious gift, their power to contribute to creation at large, their means of becoming immortalised. Each of their creative projects is like a child to them. However, Leo can be stubborn, authoritarian and full of self importance even if his claim to fame is a faint glimmer of some past glory that has long been surpassed.

Leo sometimes fears his creative power might run out. He needs to learn how to nurture his creative fire within as a constant source of inspiration. Some Leo's are afraid of expressing their creativity and become frustrated and bitter.

Magical Infusions
Sun ~ Purification, self-realisation, creativity, confidence, communication with higher self.

Fire ~ Action, will-power, creativity, insight, initiative, courage, drive, enthusiasm.

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Star Child Leo Space Aroma 5ml