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Star Child Lemon Essential Oil Organic 10ml


柑橘檸檬 如果陽光濃郁的香氣充滿了活力,檸檬油的香味瞬間讓我們想起陽光明媚的氣候, 散發出一點點地中海的氣息。



  • 猶太傳統中,檸檬象徵著心靈。 傳統 檸檬油具有抗菌作用,並且由於其清新的香味,特別適合在病房中擴散,殺死細菌並同時提神。
  • 檸檬油不僅具有抗抑鬱作用,還有助於濃縮。
  • 它對流通的興奮作用非常適合那些執行細節任務或創造性工作的人。
  • 檸檬油可用於治療昆蟲叮咬和皮膚瘙癢症狀。
  • 它有色調和收斂劑,可以添加到靜脈曲張和橘皮組織的按摩油中。在芳香療法護膚中,它可以添加到面部清潔乳液中,並可用於治療油性皮膚。它還可以淡化瑕疵和雀斑。
  • 應謹慎使用;皮膚敏感的人可能會出現皮膚反應。檸檬具有光敏特性。避免將處理過的皮膚區域暴露在陽光下。


  • 檸檬愈能量有著密切的關係,能量之源也就是動力和自我形象的中心點,是自信心和能量的開始。
  • 檸檬對於那些缺乏自信或者容易看低自己的人特別有效,
  • 也可以幫助人在太陽之下沉思,幫助人帶來創意。它能淨化和喚醒人的頭腦,可以清理盛載過多的頭腦,也可以為人帶來能量和新的題材,
  • 能為人們帶來愛,讓人遠離負面情緒。




Lemon, a fruit in which sunshine would be captured. The zesty aroma just bursts with vibrancy, tickling the soul like a beam of sunlight. The smell of Lemon oil instantly reminds us of sunny climes and spreads a little bit of Mediterranean ambiance.

It is believed to have originated in India or Southeast Asia, spreading at first to China. From there it found its way to the Arab world and the Roman Empire. Lemons were well known even in England by the Middle Ages. Yet, their true value as a life-saving anti-scorbutic remedy was not realised until the age of the great sea voyages. It was discovered by sailors who had access to lemons did not fall prey to scurvy. Hence, it became a standard provision to carry Lemons on every long-term sea journey, which is the reason why British sailors became known as 'limeys'.

The attractive citrus trees with their sweet-scented flowers became very popular with the aristocracy and it became fashionable to grow them far beyond their natural range during the renaissance. Special conservatories had to be built just to shelter the sensitive trees from the harsh northern European winters. Columbus introduced Lemons to the New World by taking some seeds and planted them in Hispaniola. Some scholars believe that Lemons might have been the 'Golden Apples of the Hesperides'. Others favour peaches - the final verdict on this question is still to be decided. Lemons, along with Myrtle, Willow and Palm, play a role in the Jewish festivities of the Tabernacle. In Jewish tradition Lemons symbolise the heart.

Traditional usage:

  • Lemon oil is antibacterial and due to its fresh scent, lends itself particularly well to diffusion in sick rooms, killing germs and simultaneously brightening the patient's spirit. Not only is it anti-depressant, but it also helps concentration.
  • Its stimulant action on the circulation is great for those, who perform detail oriented tasks or who work creatively.
  • It can also be used to treat insect bites and itchy skin conditions. It tones and astringes and can be added to massage oils for varicose veins and cellulites.
  • It can be added to facial cleansing lotions and may be used to treat oily skin in aromatherapy skin care.
  • It can also fade blemishes and freckles. Should be used with caution; people with sensitive skin may experience skin reactions. Lemon has photosensitising properties. Please avoid exposing treated areas of skin to the sun.

Magical usage:

  • Lemon is associated with the solar plexus chakra which is the centre of the will and self-image, from which confidence and power radiates.
  • It is a great particularly for those lacking confidence, or easily get down on themselves.
  • Lemon can be used to meditate on the sun as a source of creative energy. It is purifying and refreshing which helps to clear an overburdened mind.
  • It is also energising and can be used to initiate new projects. It radiates a sparkling kind of compassion that makes it impossible to hang on to the dark clouds of doom and gloom.

In a word: lemony; fresh, sunny, aromatic, warm. Blends well with Neroli, Eucalyptus, Benzoin, Bergamot, Fennel, Geranium, Juniper, Elemi and Labdanum.

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Star Child Lemon Essential Oil Organic 10ml