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Star Child Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil 10ml



  • Cinnamon leaf, like the spice, possesses some 'heat' and can be used to increase blood circulation to a localized area, such as aching muscles or rheumatic joints.
  • stimulating effect is also useful in cases of mental or physical weakness, fragility and stress related conditions or exhaustion.
  • warms the heart and spirit and can be used to fight chills at the onset of a cold. It also helps to overcome emotional coldness and frigidity.
  • It is very helpful for abdominal cramps and flatulent colic.
  • It is also effective against lice and scabies.
  • This is a powerful oil; it may cause skin reactions in sensitive types. Use with caution.
  • Avoid during pregnancy


  • it gives an extra boost of energy to all magical work 
  • It is excellent to use for cleanses and to purify or consecrate the ceremonial or ritual space.
  • It can open psychic channels, may be useful for divination.
  • Cinnamon is often regarded as a 'good luck' plant that may help to clear energy blockages and thus may help the practitioner to connect with the cosmic flow of his inner resourcefulness, prosperity and riches.


  • A warm, spicy, sweet and woody scent. Blends well with Clove, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Mandarin, Balsam of Peru and Benzoin.

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Star Child Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil 10ml