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Star Child Cancer Space Aroma 5ml












21st June - 23rd July

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, when the sun enters the sign of Cancer. The nurturing aspects of Mother Nature, her fertility and abundance from which all life springs us celebrated in this time of the year. Cancer is the sign of the nurturer,

Cancerian love frequently takes on the shape of food. It is the sign of the crab which is a creature that lives both, in the ocean and on land. In the same way, Cancerians draws their inspirations from the ocean. The subconscious mind washes treasures from the depth onto the shores of conscious awareness sometimes.

Cancer is not only guided by intuition which is the mind of the gut but also have psychic abilities. Cancerians is very sensitive which is similar to a crab. However, it has learnt to hide theirtrue feelings behind the thick amour of his shell. They often acts like he is happy.

The past which is sad is hidden inside the back of their hearts and it is later reused and infinitum. Cancer does not forget - neither the good nor the bad. The weakness of Cancer is his tendency to live in the past and hang on to old feelings long past their 'due' date.

They can be emotionally manipulative and sometimes harbour a secret ambition to live their own dreams through their off spring or whoever else may be the recipient of their mothering. Too much of a good thing can be just too much and sometimes all their loving may be experienced as suffocating - especially when there are strings attached. Jupiter is beneficial to Cancer as it brightens their moody nature and gives charismatic vision to their caring activities.

Magical Infusions
Moon ~ Psychic sensitivity, self-reflection, fertility astral travel, visualisation, dream-work.

Water ~ Feeling, sensitivity, psychic powers, receptivity, imagination, emotion, nurture, wisdom, love.

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Star Child Cancer Space Aroma 5ml