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Selenite Towers Lamps 透石水晶燈塔 (20cm - 40cm)



  • 為家居,公司,店舖,或是作療效的房間去增強特別提升震頻效果
  • 製造特別水晶陣
  • 做夜間房燈


  • 光可吸引更多正面能量
  • 有助浄化物品、空間,提升頻率
  • 防負能量的影響
  • 增加個人頭腦清晰度
  • 舒緩緊張情緒


There are unlimited creative usages:

  • Special lighting decor for home, office, shop, treatment room
  • Light up crystal grid 
  • Night light for protection 

The key benefits are:

  • Attract higher vibration energy through lighting
  • Purify space, personal belongings
  • as a protection shield from negative energy
  • Increase clarity of mind 
  • Help releasing anxious energy 

 Pls be reminded don’t use water to clean Selenite, instead using sage or incense smudging! 

Selenite Towers Lamps 透石水晶燈塔 (20cm - 40cm)