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Selenite Palm Stones 透石水晶手撑石



  • 冥想時,放於手中
  • 按摩頸部,背脊
  • 放置工作抬上
  • 家中擺設
  • 花盤裝飾


  • 有助空間防負能量的影響
  • 和諧平衡不安情況及空間
  • 增加個人頭腦清晰度
  • 舒緩緊張情緒


There are unlimited creative usages:

  • connect Angelic Realm in your meditation
  • as a massage tool for neck and back 
  • decoration at office desk
  • Home decor
  • Decoration for the flower pot etc 

weight: 120g

The key benefits are:

  • as a protection shield from negative energy
  • harmonise unsettled energy
  • Increase clarity of mind 
  • Help releasing anxious energy 

 Pls be reminded don’t use water to clean Selenite, instead using sage or incense smudging! 

Selenite Palm Stones 透石水晶手撑石