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Satya Dragons Blood Incense 15g Pack

Dragon's Blood
15g ,approx. 12-14pc/box , Stick burn time: approx 30 min
本身是一種鲜红色的樹脂,來自不同種類的植物。有助舒緩精神緊張,提升正向意念且帶有避邪、淨化、保護、加強愛情的功效。覺得鼠尾草的香味比較濃的話可以試一試Dragon's Blood,它的香味是較為甜美,香味能持續數小時。

It is a bright red resin from different kinds of plants. It helps to relieve mental tension, promote positive thoughts and has the effects of avoiding evil, purifying, protecting and strengthening love. If you think the sage scent is strong, you can try Dragon's Blood, with sweeter scent and lasts for several hours.

用香盤燃點線香更加增添氣氛, more enjoyable to burn incense in the tray , click here to explore!

about Satya Incense

Shrinivas Sugandhalaya is the founder of Satya incense, hand rolled in India from pure extracts and fine scented oils. Satya Incense is world renowned for its fine fragrance. Natural ingredients are perfectly blended to create a sweet, long lasting earthy fragrance which will last for hours after the stick has finished burning.

Satya Dragons Blood Incense 15g Pack