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Sacred Geometry Art Home Decor


From Seed of Life to Flower of Life, and Yantra, the spiritual intuitive art created by local artist brand - WENergy. The mats is transformed the painting into a printed mats; in such a form, which can share with people who resonnate with the sacred geometrical shapes, patterns, and the vibrational frequency!

WENergy 是一系列漂亮及平靜的手繪圖騰,數碼打印在帆布物品。圖案主題主要是神聖幾何, 例如生命之花,花命之子,梅塔特隆立方体,梅爾卡巴及yantra 等。由於神聖幾何圖形本身已經有著不同的能量及頻率,由此這些帆布產品可用作水晶陣,冥想墊,頌鉢墊,有助於調整,浄化及平衡自身能量。另外其作品亦延申至其他生活產品,如箍臣套,餐墊或杯墊等。

WENergy is a collection of beautiful and peaceful hand paint pattern digital printed canvas. The theme of the pattern mainly Sacred Geometry eg. Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Metatron, Merkaba and Yantra etc. Given each Sacred Geometry itself carries different energy and frequency, these canvas products can be used for crystal grid, meditation pad, singing bowl pad, helps to adjust, purify and balance it’s own energy. And the design is extended to other fashionable lifestyle products, such as cushion cover, placemat, coaster etc.

Flower of Life Unicorn Pink 15x15cm

獨角獸是一種傳說生物, 是純潔的化身。

在古老的神話與傳說中,獨角獸具有神秘的治癒能力。當你遇見獨角獸並觸摸它時,可以帶來全面和完整的治療。獨角獸能夠讓人從身體和心靈得到重生與完整的平衡。透過結合智慧與力量,它具有無限的可能性,並且不分界線。藉由突破心理的恐懼,獨角獸的魔力讓人相信自己有能力克服任何事情。The unicorn is a legendary creature, the embodiment of purity. In ancient myths and legends, unicorns possess mysterious healing powers. When you see a unicorn and touch it, it can bring a comprehensive and complete treatment. Unicorns deliver people both physical and mental balance and rebirth. By combining wisdom and power, The Unicorn has unlimited possibilities without boundaries. By breaking through psychological fear, unicorn is magically leading people to believe that they can overcome anything.

Seed of Life Blue15x15cm

生命種子可解釋為造物主以7日, 創造了宇宙, 也可以解作7個主要脈輪, 或彩虹的7種顏色, 或音階的組成 …. 似乎, 宇宙萬物都有其靈性法則, 不是單純的巧合。這個圖騰象徵全新的開始,尋找全新視野和觀點欣賞世界的旅程, 充滿創新,滋養和祝福的能量。

The Seed of Life can be interpreted as the creation of the Universe by the Creator in 7 days. It also symbolizes the 7 main chakras, 7 colours of the rainbow or the composition of the musical scale. Seemingly, every bit/ happening in the universe comes with its own spiritual rules, not simply coincidence. This totem represents a new beginning, a journey to find new horizons and perspectives to appreciate the world which is full of innovation, nourishment and blessings.

Flower of Life Pink Blue 30x30cm  

Flower of Life Purple 30x30cm

生命之花是神聖幾何其中之一, 一種無所不包的幾何符號,一切萬有的緣起,是一種純粹的精神意識火焰,位於地球孕育源頭的深處,人類的意識層次需要依賴它才得以存在。Flower of Life is one of the Sacred Geometry, one kind of all-encompassing geometric symbols. The origin of everything, a pure flame of spiritual consciousness. It locates deep under the Earth, to support the consciousness of human beings.

Yantra purple green 30x30cm

Sri Yantra,是人類最古老的符號之一。單詞“Yantra”是指工具或儀器,它是其用於擴張我們的意識和方向的幾何設計。“Sri”是指該圖騰是吉利和非常有益的。

幾千年來Sri Yantra已被用來增加財富,健康和好運。這是一個權力圖騰,能夠激發你最大的可能性,並增加你的創造力,所以你不僅創造更多,而且提升到一個更高的水平。由於宇宙中包含你可能曾經想要的一切,無論是物質的還是精神層面Sri Yantra可以引導你一個途徑去實現它。

Sri Yantra is one of the oldest totem of mankind. The word "Yantra" refers to a tool or an instrument, which is a geometric design used to expand our consciousness and directions. "Sri" means that the totem is auspicious and very beneficial.
Sri Yantra has been used for thousands of years to increase wealth, health and good luck. This powerful totem can stimulate your greatest potential and increase your creativity, so apart from creating more, you also attain a higher level. Sri Yantra can lead you either physically or spiritually to achieve whatever you want from the Universe.

Sacred Geometry Art Home Decor