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Star Child May Chang Essential Oil 10ml (山雞椒)


山雞椒主要用於保養皮膚, 許多市面上出售的護膚產品中都有添加它, 不會引起過敏, 殺菌力強, 很適用於油性和痤瘡皮膚, 能治療一般斑點等問題.

  • 是佛手柑精油的良好替代品, 由於山雞椒精油不會引起光線過敏, 因此特別適合用於臉上
  • 可以減輕汗液過多的毛病, 也有很好的除臭效果,
  • 同時也是清新的沐浴精油.
  • 山雞椒精油有良好的殺菌和除臭功能, 非常適合傳染病 流行期間使用, 在屋內噴灑或薰香山雞椒精油, 其抗憂鬱功效, 能令人在沮 喪的時候感到歡愉.



May Chang is mainly used in skincare. It is commonly seen in a lot of skin care products in the market. It does not cause any allergic reactions and it can kill germs effectively.

  • especially suitable for oily and acne skin.
  • can also cure speckles on the skin.
  • a great substitute for Bergamot essential oil.
  • it does not react with light to create allergic reactions,
  • it is particularly suitable to use on the skin.
  • can reduce excessive sweating.
  • Moreover, it has deodorising properties.
  • At the same time, it is great to use it in body washes.
  • It is great to use it during epidermic period by spraying May Chang essential oil around the household.
  • It is also anti-depression which can help people to feel happier.

Spiritual effects:

It can release fear and help people to relax in order to face different issues. It can also help us to get back our innocence and connect to our god.

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Star Child May Chang Essential Oil 10ml (山雞椒)