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Tattva Natural Incense from Himalayas (India)


Tattva Natural Incense, Handrolled in the Himalayas, India 

1 pack: 25gm 11 sticks

Burning Time: Over 1 hour per stick

A selection of 19 types of scent


A Life Giving, Anti-Bactirial Natural Fragrance, blend of snadalwood, Tulsi which are known for grounding, soothe the nerve, promotes stability and creative energy


mixture of herbs by Vedic Method, helpful in removing mental tension and stress (extremely sweet)


(Sweet & Pure) : known for using in worship, purifies the surroundings, it refreshes the mind, brings peace and happiness.
#Jasmine: calms nerves, balances the emotions and inspires positivity and love of life
#Kapha Earth Balance (Spicy & Light): A special blend of flowers, roots, herbs, spices for a delightful healing aroma. Kapha Nature is earthly. if feeling lethargy, light kapha incense to shift the stuck feeling to energetic, vigor, and vitality.
#Lakshmi-Flora: made from pure natural nerbs amd opils, pleasant and sweet fragrance.
Lotus: increase focus, mental clarity, especially using it for meditation!
Lemon Grass Vitality: made from pure himalayan lemon grass, well known for its healing properties, revitalises the mind and body, improves calmness, purifies air and effective as an insect repellant.
Meditation: classic woody scent of sandelwood, blended with base note of musk and other oriental note.
Mogra: made out of pure natural herbs and oils, extremely sweet fragrance 
Nag Champa: derived from the Champa-Plumeria flower family, rick sweet and earthy aroma, enhance pleasure, groundedness, and connectivity with life.
Night Queen: or Tuberose emits an intense sensual fragrance at night, enhance feelings of romance and love, rejuvenate the Heart!
Pitta Fire Balance (Sweet & Cool): helpful to ease the feelings of anger, agitation, frustration, brings calmness, adaptability to mind.
Patchouli: earthly and musky, enliven the senses, and soothes the mind, enhances romanticism and sensuality.
Sandlewood (Soothing & Refreshing): cool effect on Body, Mind, and Soul, this is prepared with a homemade blend of sandalwood paste!
Saffron & Sandalwood: saffron has a positive effect especially on women's hormones level, while sandalwood has grounding psychological effect , promotes a sens of well being.
Tri Doshas Balance : Jatamansi is well known ayurvedic herbs found in the Himalayas at 12,000 feet altitude, it has therapeutic qualities when burnt, to balance the vata, pitta, kapha three doshas, increases concentration, calm the mind, improve health and hgh blood pressure, cough, asthma, and insomnia, it also kill harmful bacteria in the surroundings.
Vetivert: rich earthly fragrance, known as the aroma of tranquility, promotes peace and clarity, it groundes, stabilises, calms and sooth the mind, alleviates mental and physical fatigue.
Vata: Air Balance (Sweet & Warm): Vata nature is airy, feeling of fear, anxiety, anxiety are associated with Vata imbalance,. This warm, sweet earthy aroma transforms "all over the place emotions" encouraging groundedness.

    Tattva Natural Incense from Himalayas (India)