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Star Child Healing Incense


Whenever you feal dull, down, something just weighing your heart, Healing incense rejuvenate your psychological feeling starting from your thoughts to heal yourself.




A blend of herbs that can help banish the demons of disease and clear the energy in a sickroom. Many cultures throughout the World use incense in their healing practices. It not only purifies the atmosphere, but also calms the patient and soothes emotional anguish. Some healing traditions have developed elaborate and specific uses for various incense blends, others use it more generally to create an ambiance that is conducive to the healing process. Our healing incense is intended to create a healing atmosphere and is suitable for all kinds of healing rituals and treatments.

for: Communication, understanding, divination, flexibility, direct energy in accordance with will.

Wisdom, prosperity, spirituality, faith, hope, personal growth, protection, healing, guidance.

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Star Child Healing Incense