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Harlow Botanical Purfume


Gently rub on wrists, neck and collar bones for an alluring aroma

AwakeA long-lasting, bright floral scent

Sweet flora, leafy greens + bright citrus

Blended using only precious botanical infusions, absolutes + essential oils.  Designed to interact with our unique chemistry. Juicy rinds of lime + lemon amidst lush petals of ylang, ylang, geranium + rose with hints of deep jasmine + spicy cardamom.

Torch : A warm and smoky perfume oil for day + night.

all skin types, including sensitive

Smoky + warm with aromas of cedar wood, frankincense + vanilla

Designed to interact with our human chemistry igniting subtle nuances like a torch.  Blended using botanical resins + pure essential oils leaving our authentic scent enhanced + undisturbed.

SIZE.5 fl oz 15 ml


Allergy Warning: Created in an environment that uses tree nut oils

*essential oil **organic


Harlow Botanical Purfume