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Gemstone Earrings by Kosas - 18K Gold (Abundance)


This collection is specially selected deluxe  like Super 7, Amazonite, Citrine, Hemimorphite, as well as the popular grounding stone-Black Tourmaline, made with 18K yellow gold to bring our the power and abundance energy of the gemstones!

Handmade by Kako, the gemologist, the Stone Reader, the metalsmith, for profile of Kako Kosas Jewelry & workshop, please follow her Instagram 


此系列產品精選高貴的水晶,包括超7,天河石,黃水晶,異極礦以及受廣受歡迎的接地水晶- 黑碧璽,並以18K黃金製成,能為我們帶來寶石的力量和豐富的能量!

寶石學家Kako、寶石學家、金屬匠手工製作,有關Kako Kosas珠寶和工作坊的簡介,歡迎瀏覽她的Instagram

Amazonite 18K earrings 18K天河石耳環

I AM align with my mind body soul with my life purpose!

  • this gemstone helps us to increase the energies of independent, courage, self control, exploration, determination
  • 這顆寶石有助於我們增加獨立,勇氣,自我控制,探索,決心的能量

Citrine 18K earrings 18K黃晶耳環

I AM grateful for all the abundance in all forms!

  • the gemstone helps us to increase the energies of abundance, self-confidence, cheerfulness, courage, personal power
  • 寶石幫助我們增加富足、自信、開朗、勇氣及個人的力量 

Black Tourmaline 18K earrings 18K黑碧璽耳環

I AM safe, protected by the force of Mother Nature! I always feel grounding!

  • the gemstone helps us to increase grounding, acts as a psychic protection stone, absorbs any negativity, as well as for EMF protection
  • 寶石可幫助我們更加接地(當下)用作心理的保護石、吸收任何負面能量以及用於EMF保護

Hemimorphite 18K earrings 18K異極礦耳環

I AM calm, optimistic of my life! 

  • the gemstone helps us to increase the energies of calm mind, organized mind, optimism, freedom of self expression, create better circumstances of life
  • 寶石有助於我們增加鎮定思維的能量、有組織的思維、樂觀、自由表達自我的能量、創造更好的生活環境

Super 7 18K earrings 18K7耳環

I AM empowered, my life is full of love, abundance, joy!





Gemstone Earrings by Kosas - 18K Gold (Abundance)