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Star Child Dragon Incense


Dragon, themystical creatures embrace the power of regenerate the Earth power, it ignites again our creativity and regenerative power which subsides within all of us!

這種香火一直致力於龍 - 無論是神話中的生物還是原型能量。龍意味著地球的創造力和再生能力,這是一種存在於我們所有人體內的力量 -是潛在的能量。在許多神話中,龍的象徵與蛇或“翼蛇”的象徵相融合。印度聖賢教導了一種提升這種休眠創造力的技術,他們稱之為昆達利尼。這種香可以作為Tantric儀式或Kundalini冥想中的祭品燃燒,並可用於提昇龍內力量。



This incense has been dedicated to the Dragon - both, the mythical creature and the archetypal energy. The Dragon signifies the creative and regenerative powers of the Earth, a power that resides within all of us - though often it is latent. In many mythologies the symbol of the Dragon merges with that of the Serpent or 'Winged Serpent'. The Sages of India teach a technique of raising this dormant creative energy, which they call Kundalini. This incense may be burnt as an offering in Tantric rituals or Kundalini meditations and can be used to raise the Dragon power within.

Energy, drive, courage, passion, action, dispels fear and apprehension, anti-apathetic.

Action, will-power, creativity, insight, initiative, courage, drive, enthusiasm.

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Star Child Dragon Incense