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Crystal Bowl #63317 Apophyllite Platinum

  • Apophyllite 砵產生的電磁頻率激活了我們生活的自然電路的意識。這個煉金術砵的光澤色調以液體光的頻率照射您,我們周圍的幻覺中讓您擁有清晰的想法。這個砵三角形的神聖幾何結構代表了神性,提升了身體,心靈和精神。
  • Apophyllite消除了沮喪,並在所有事物上投射光線,從而提供了一個清晰的路線圖,為了在這個星球上以最高,最輕的全頻形式釋放和顯示你的神性。

加強 Apophyllite能量 :透石水晶,Azeztulite 

#63317 / C#+ 40 創造力(中間八度,居中)

  • Apophyllite bowl creates electromagnetic frequencies that activate the awareness of the natural circuitry we are living in. The lustrous tones of this alchemy bowl bathe you in frequencies of liquid light, leaving you with crystal clear vision to see through the shadows and illusions that surround us. This bowls triangular sacred geometric structure represents the Godhead, uplifting the body, mind and spirit.
  • Apophyllite dispels discouragement, and casts light on all things, thereby providing a clear road map, to the next step you needed in order to release and manifest your divinity on this planet in its highest, lightest full-frequency form. 
  • (Enhance Clear Apophyllite with: Selenite, Azeztulite & Grandfather)
  • Item no: #63317

Tone: C#+40 Sexual-Creativity (mid-octave, centering)

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Crystal Bowl #63317 Apophyllite Platinum