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Candle with Crystal & Flower - handmade



Why burning candle with crystal, flower, and herbs? 

Even a plain candle, a candle flame seems purified the moment with stillness, brings in calm and peaceful feelings! If it is infused with floral plants, herbs, crystals elemental elements, the flame brings the frequency, the quality of the elements! It keeps vibrational high! 

these candles are handmade to bring the spirits of Xmas, calmness, and harmony : 

Candle Warmy Night (Xmas edition): infused with xmas spirit herbs of clove, star anise , cinnamon, sweet orange with quartz crystals to bring joy to the holiday!

Candle Geranium & Rose (love): infuse with organic essential oil with Rose quartz to amplify the energy of calmness and aura cleansing when lit the candle  

Candle Lavender (Relax): infuse with organic essential oil with amethyst to amplify the energy of relaxation and harmony when lit the candle  






此系列由Yuka手工製作,歡迎追蹤Yuka Instagram

Handmade with love by Yuka, Pls follow Yuka on Instagram



Candle with Crystal & Flower - handmade