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Abundance 18K Gold Pendant


This premium collection is carefully selected to create with lots of abundance, luck, wisdom gemstones, as a supportive lucky charm for our daily wear!

Garnet (Tsavorite) 18K Yellow Gold . small 

Garnet (Tsavorite) 18K Yellow Gold . Big

origin: Kenya

chakras 1,2,4
it is used for: cope with extreme situation, survival, action, courage, mutual help, hope and trust, creative thought, grounding, feeling of security, physical stamina

 Citrine Pendant 18K Yellow Gold 

I AM Full of Abundance, Love & Joy!

  • this gemstone helps us to connect, and increase the energies of abundance, self-confidence, cheerfulness, courage, personal power

Emerald Pendant 18K Yellow Gold

I AM the Master Healer of Myself, I AM Empowered!

  • this is called “Master Healer” gemstone helps us to connect and increase the energies of abundance, partnerships, eternal love, stabilize emotion, integrity.

Kunzite Pendant 18K Yellow Gold 

I AM in Full Awareness of My Mind & Body Health!



Abundance 18K Gold Pendant