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New Moon in Capricorn 2021 Jan

New Moon in Capricorn

The first new Moon in 2021 is in Capricorn sign. This astrology energy is going to make you rethink about the present life, are you happy with what you are doing? You may start to search what you really want in life, it’s fine to feel restless in the course of searching, shift it into a driving force to make things happen!

Taking action is a big step towards success, because The earth we live in is a planet of action. No matter how much you think and make a plan, nothing can be achieved without action.

The gemstone that assists us to make action is Garnet - It's called an "Action stone", encourages us to take action!

Garnet is also a famous birthstone for January/ Capricorn, as it has many characteristics of Capricorn: Hard work, Accomplishment, Responsibility, Self-control, Commitment, Step by step, Ambition, Diligence, Sensible approaches to problem-solving, Releasing the past

One interesting saying about Garnet, it is called the “classical gemstone of crisis”. It has been popular after the 1st and 2nd world war. Because it is believed that Garnet gives a strength to cope with the extreme situation. 

Gemologist - Kako Komatsu introduces us 7 Garnets in 2021 first New Moon which can helps us to go through ups and downs time, by the sharing of Ms. Kako, she mentions: 

“Garnet is used for: cope with extreme situation, survival, action, courage, mutual help, hope and trust, creative thought, grounding, feeling of security, physical stamina! 

Garnets are a group of silicate minerals that have similar physical properties and crystal forms.

When you think of garnet, most people think of it as red. However, garnet comes in all colors: red, orange, brown, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, green, blue, purple, black, and transparent, depending on their chemical compositions. 


The most common Garnet is the red wine color of Almandine. Sometimes 4 or 6 rays of stars can be seen.

The vivid green color of Tsavorite is the favorite stone of many of my gemologist and jeweler friends. 

The Vitamin orange color of Spessartite is just a yummy eye-candy and just looking at it will feel cheerful.

 My favourite Garnet is an intense red color of Pyrope, the so-called Bohemian Garnet from the Czech Republic. And a noble reddish orange color of Malaya.” 

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 2021年的第一個「新月」位置左「白羊座」。 這股星座的能量讓您重新思考現狀,您是否對自己的工作感到滿意? 您可能開始搜索自己生活中真正想要的東西,在搜索過程中或會感到不安,嘗試將之轉化成動力,令事情加速實現!

我們的地球是充滿行動性。 無論您如何思考和製定計劃,沒有採取行動都無法實現。 石榴石稱為行動石是鼓勵我們採取行動的寶石。而石榴石是一月份/山羊座的誕生石,因為它具有山羊座的許多特徵:努力,成就,責任,自我控制,承諾,循序漸進,雄心勃勃,勤奮,解決問題的明智方法,釋放過去。對於一月份開始想增加行動性幫助非常大!

石榴石被稱為危機的經典寶石。 第一次世界大戰和第二次世界大戰後,它很受歡迎。 因為人們認為石榴石將為應對極端局勢提供力量。

寶石學家Ms.Kako 同大家分享7種特別的石榴石,可利用到寶石的能量去應付變化不同的生活,以下是她的分享:


當想到石榴石時,大多數人以為是紅色。 但是,石榴石有各種顏色:紅色,橙色,啡色,黃色,綠色,藍色,紫色,黑色和透明,具體取決於其化學成分。

石榴石最常見的是Almandine的紅酒色。 有時可以看到46片星光。



我最喜歡的石榴石是深紅色的Pyrope,即捷克共和國的波西米亞石榴石。 還有高貴的馬來亞紅橙色。