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What is an authentic lifestyle? 什麼是回歸零的生活

5ive.d 回歸零的生活百貨

回歸零的生活態度是靈性成長一個重要開始!這包含祖先的智慧,令生活與大地融合和諧! 5ive.d 回歸零的生活百貨提供手造或天然個人及家居產品,健康食品、空間能量用品、水晶、印第安人風格產品等,來尋找會發現更多!

真正從心出發活出一個更好的自己,這就是Gardening Life5ive.d 的使命!

5ive.d [5D] 意思為第五維度,像徵著愛、光明、關愛、感恩、和平、信任和合一的能量

5ive.d Gardening Life

Take charge to live an authentic lifestyle that embraces the wisdom of our ancestors and be in harmony with Mother Nature as you begin to grow your spiritual self. 5ive.d Gardening Life is a neighbourhood boutique shop providing handmade, natural personal and household products, healthy foods, crystals and space energy items, authentic Natives American shamanic products, Visit us to explore 5ive.d!

“To raise your consciousness to an awakening state & simply awaken to a better version of yourself!” That’s our 5ive.d mission of Gardening Life!

5ive.d refers to the 5th Dimension. It symbolizes the energies of love, light, compassion, gratitude, peace, trust, and Oneness!