Propolia lip balm Stick


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Propolia lip balm Stick


•主要用途:修復,撫平和保護乾燥和受損的嘴唇。100%天然配方蜂膠有關的修復抗菌功能和滋養豐富的乳木果油。 不油膩,它賦予嘴唇柔軟,同時釋放蜂巢的甜美香氣。一種真正的既實用又能修復及發探打底保護功能的護理產品。建議在使用添加帶有顏色的口紅前都利用它在打底防護作用,減小一般口紅內的化學物質長期剌激咀唇造成影響。同時宅不會影響口紅上色的原來色彩。

Propolia lip balm stick

Adds an antibacterial shield and reduces exposure to chemicals

Main purpose:

Repairs, smoothens and  protects dry and cracked lips. The formula is 100% organic and it contains propolis which has healing and antibacterial properties. The shea butter in the product can also moisturise the lips. It is not oily or greasy when applied and it can soften the lips. It has a sweet honey scent. This is a product which can actually give protection to your lips practically. It is suggested to use this before applying coloured lipstick to act as a protective shield in order to reduce the chance of chemicals stimulating the lips. However, it does not affect the saturation of colour of your coloured lipstick.

Main ingredients: Propolis, shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, apricot

Main efficacy: antibacterial, moisturise, lock moisture and protect the lips

 100% natural and 68.5% organic

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