Propolia Sensitive Feet Gel


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Propolia Sensitive Feet Gel



•主要用途:紓緩腳跟和腳上的干燥皮膚脫皮問題,發揮滋潤和修復功效, 同時可用於手踭或膝蓋部位使用。非常適合夏天多汗季節時使,長期站立工作的人仕使用。

Propolia sensitive feet gel (Dry skin)

Suitable for ankle dryness and skin peeling of toes

Main purpose: Relieves dryness of ankle and feet dryness. It has moisturising and healing properties which also be used on elbows and knees. It is especially suitable to used it in the summer time and seasons where you sweat a lot. It is also particularly suitable for those who need to stand for a longg time.

Main ingredients: Aloe vera, Shea butter, propolia, Lavender

Main efficacy: Moisturise, soften skin tissues, reduce dryness and anti inflammatory

98% natural and 51% organic

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