Propolia Hydrating Serum


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Propolia Hydrating Serum


獨特配方: 含蜂 膠,草苺 (防過敏配方)
•主要用途: 敏感性皮膚護理 ,蜂膠蜂蜜與有機植物的巧妙結合而成,它結合了抗炎,保濕和舒緩活性成份,能持續一整天,這種低過敏性配方質感細膩和流動性好能為您提供所有卓越的活性成份,能保護皮膚和回復柔軟,適合最乾燥和最敏感肌膚,

Propolia Hydrating Serum

Special formula: Contains propolis and strawberries (hypoallergenic formula)

Main purpose: It can take care of sensitive skin. The combination of honey, propolis and organic plants has anti inflammatory, moisturising and has active soothing properties which can last for one whole day. The hypoallergenic and soft and fluid-like texture can provide you an excellent active ingredient that can rejuvenate the skin and make it soft. It is suitable for dry weathers and the most sensitive skins.

Main ingredients: propolis, honey, figs, strawberry water, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, safflower oil, sesame oil, squalene, pomegranate

Main efficacy:

Moisturise, anti oxidant, rejuvenate, anti bacterial, heal

98% natural and 82% organic

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