Propolia EyeCare


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Propolia EyeCare
Propolia EyeCare

蜂皇漿眼霜 (有機天然)

•主要用途: 首次使用由Propolia®獨特配方的眠霜後,會發現咖啡因和七葉樹具有減充血效果,以及矢車菊和蜂王漿的抗氧化能力,可以促進黑眼圈的出現,使眼睛恢復活力,增強青春活力的效果。只需一次動作即可完成滾動,並能激活眼部輪廓的微循環,同時不銹鋼滾珠會釋放涼快和新鮮感覺。其質地細膩能迅速滲透眠袋肌膚。

•主要成分:新鮮蜂皇漿,七葉樹,綠加啡因,金縷梅花水,矢車菊花水, 透明質酸,山毛櫸樹提取物
•包裝說明:15毫升每瓶 帶不銹鋼滾珠玻璃瓶

Propolia EyeCare

Specifically made for reduing pouch wrinkles and crow's-feet

Main purpose:

After using the Propolia Eye Care for once, you can discover the decongestant properties of caffeine and buckeye. Moreover, the cornflower and royal jelly inside the cream can prevent dark circles from appearing. By using the roller once, you can already help the micro circulation around the eye and the stainless steel roller ball can release a refreshing and cool feeling. The delicate texture of the Eye Care can quickly be absorbed into the pouch under the eyes.

Main ingredients:

Fresh Royal jelly, buckeye, caffeine, Witch Hazel, cornflower, hyaluronic acid, Beech tree extract

Main efficacy:

Relieve tiredness and puffiness, moisturise, anti oxidant, anti wrinkles, moisture retention

98% natural, 82% organic

Instructions on packaging:

15 ml /bottle, a glass bottle with a stainless steel roller ball


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