Propolia Cleansing Milk


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Propolia Cleansing Milk



Propolia cleansing milk

Softens and moisturises the skin and makes your skin glow

Main purpose

This cleansing milk is suitable for all skin types. It can gently get rid of make up and the impurities in the skin. It will not leave a greasy film on the skin after cleansing. The cleansing milk has a sweet and orange scent. The moisturising ingredients including honey have created this soft and smooth texture to the cleansing milk. It can provide incredible cleansing and moisturising properties which can make your skin glow and give your skin a velvety texture.

Main ingredients

Aloe vera, honey, orange, propolis, vegetable glycerin and vitamin E

Main efficacy

Cleansing, moisturising, anti-inflammatory and  purifying

99% natural and 50 % organic

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