Propolia Chest Massage


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Propolia Chest Massage

有機天然蜂膠 胸口舒缓膏


  • 主要用途:紓緩呼吸道的炎症和刺激,有助支氣管排泄和紓緩支氣管炎 症和咳嗽。植物的新鮮氣味也有助於解開鼻塞,香膏内的蜂膠和精油具有舒緩呼吸系統的特性,並會随着在胸口上慢慢按摩後,便會釋放清爽的感受
  • 主要成分:蜂膠,薰衣草,杜松,丁香,天竺葵,迷迭香
  • 主要功效:暢通呼吸,紓解鼻塞和支氣管,胸口翳悶
  • 推出年份:1990
  • 100%天然,當中74%有機

Organic natural propolis Ointment that relieves the chest

Suitable in any season. Helps to breathe smoothly. Relieves chest stuffiness.

Main purpose:

Relieve inflammation and irritation of the respiratory tract.  It helps bronchial excretion and relief of bronchitis and cough. The refreshing smell of the plants can also relieve stuffiness of the nose. The propolis and essential oils in this product can relieve the respiratory may feel refreshed by massaging the ointment on the chest

Main ingredients:

Propolis, lavender, juniper, cloves, geranium and rosemary

Main efficacy:

Allow better airflow for breathing. Relieve stuffiness of the nose, bronchi and the chest.

Year of release: 1990

100% natural and 74% organic

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