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Fuchs Bio Cereals & Muesli (Organic)


 Fuchs Bio Cereal & Muesli Selections (Organic)

  • contains no pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, or additives. 
  • Made in Italy

They are tasty and simply just add your favourite fruits, nut to the Cereal conflake, the cocoa mix with real cocoa, the milk / any vegan milk you add, it becomes cocoa milk at the end! feel free to add strawberries to bring out the favour too

The Crunchy is really crunchy, you will be happy to eat with crunchiness till the end!

The Museli is just filling and healthy and tasty! add so much texture to your breakfast! 

All of these make a perfect snack without the milk too! Enjoy!

  1. Cereal Cornflake *
  2. Cereal Cornflake with Cocao *
  3. Cereal Cocoa Shells *
  4. Crunchy Muesli with Apples *
  5. Muesli with Wild Berries *

 * from organic farming

Fuchs Bio Cereals & Muesli (Organic)