Star Child Dragon Massage Oil 100ml


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Star Child Dragon Massage Oil 100ml

The sensation of being like a dragon, be creative, be regenerative to birth new idea, new energy, Dragon massage oil can be used as body oil any moments you want!

DRAGON 溫和和活力精油的刺激混合,旨在舒緩疲憊的肌肉。生薑和肉桂以其溫熱和活力的作用而聞名,而薄荷,樟腦和白千層涼爽的酸澀和清醒的頭腦。這種按摩油的基礎油混合物包括聖約翰麥芽油,一種傳統的油,用於緩解緊張的神經。這種按摩油混合高度活力,並有助於擺脫困難的一天的“龍殺”的影響。龍按摩油含有一個神奇的輸液,對應火星的火熱能量和冥王星的深度滲透力。 

配料: 杏仁油,杏仁,樟腦,薄荷,丁香芽,白千層,桉樹,檀香,肉桂葉 ,聖約翰草,薑,維生素EMARS火星能量,動力,勇氣,激情,行動,消除恐懼和憂慮,反對冷漠。PLUTO冥王星啟動,薩滿之旅,淨化,改造,精神重生,放棄過去的痛苦。 

DRAGON: A stimulating blend of warming and energizing essential oils intended to soothe tired muscles. Ginger and Cinnamon are well known for their warming and invigorating effect, while Peppermint, Camphor and Cajeput cool achiness and clear the mind. The base oil blend for this massage oil includes St. John's Wort oil, a traditional oil used to relieve tense nerves. This massage oil blend is highly energizing and helps to shake off the effects of a hard day's 'Dragon slaying'. Dragon Massage oil contains a magical infusion that corresponds with the fiery energy of Mars and the deeply penetrating intensity of Pluto.

INGREDIENTSAlmond Oil, Apricot Kernel, Camphor, Peppermint, Clove Bud, Cajeput, Eucalyptus , Sandalwood, Cinnamon Leaf , St. john's wort, Ginger, Vitamin E MARS ~ Energy, drive, courage, passion, action, dispels fear and apprehension, anti- apathetic.PLUTO ~ Initiation, shamanic journeys, purification, transformation, spiritual rebirth, letting go of past pain.

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