2019 "Plasma Crystalline Beingness" Crystal grid workshop series

Lasaya Ikia

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2019 "Plasma Crystalline Beingness" Crystal grid workshop series
2019 "Plasma Crystalline Beingness" Crystal grid workshop series
2019 "Plasma Crystalline Beingness"
Intuitive Crystal Grid Creation Workshops
Lasaya Ikia Invites you

Align with Sirius Stargate & Co-create with the Cosmic Coherence
* Connect with the 12th &13th dimensional Star Light Beings & the Cosmic Crystal Consciousness for alignment and healing.
* Learn how to receive Crystal Light Codes with the power of crystal synergy and light language.
* Co-create your own signature Vibrational Crystal Grid with Earth elements & Inner dimenional Earth beings for Positive Manifestation & your higest path walking on Earth at this time
* Take home your upgraded Etheric Crystalline Body through Self empowerment, Creation and Oneness Transmission.

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• English Menu
• Light language channeling
• Sacred geometry prints
• Included 20+ kinda crystals for your creation
• Take home your activated crystalline grid

Language: English (Bilingal)


2019 “光能*晶能*自在”
導師: Lasaya Ikia

* 連接星際十二及十三次元, 提升宇宙及地球間水晶意識,整合及療癒身,心,靈!
* 學習如何善用水晶组合及 音頻 /光語,接收晶能訊息!
* 創造個人特色水晶陣!充分結合各種地球微元素及資源, 發揮高我創意, 有效創造個人神聖空間 並提升積極示現能力!
* 通過”大同合一“光能傳送,你帶回家最合適的身心靈晶能振頻! 並開始實踐靈魂任務的愉快旅程!

能量交換: HKD1080
• 英文課程手册
• 光語靈通傳訊
• 靈性幾何圖
• 費用包括多種晶石隨心挑選
• 帶回家已被啟動的水晶陣

語言: 英文 (雙語)

About Lasaya Ikia

Lasaya Ikia is an energy intuitive, a former architectual-interior designer, who walked her path of spiritual awakening since 2005 in California. She was initiated as a Goddess Isis Priestess inside the Pyramid in 2009. Since then, she was certified to practice numerous of healing modalities, have visited major sacred earth portals and offered her service of love, light & healing that empowered many. Lasaya Ikia invites you to co-create a new joyous way of spiritual awakening for yourself & for new humanity. Blessed be.