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Clearing Spray


What’s “clearing” mean to you? Both physical and energetically needs our attention to clean and clear! So we have new space for clarity, space to build our mind to strong. On the Moon Cycle days, we handcraft the Clearing Spray with Love!

好多時都聽到大家講「清」!清clear, 你有什麼看法?清潔地方,清理能量,都好注重!我們特別於New Moon day 準備好新Clearing Spray 

Clearing Spray 100ml 

Clary Sage . Lavender: Cleanse Negative Energy. set protection .  grounding

Peppermint . Frankincense . Lemon:set protection from flu / virus . bring healthy vibration

Geranium . Rose . Lavender . Chamomile:aids anxiety . bring joy & peace . goodnight sleep

White Sage:cleanse negative energy . bring protection . peace in your space
All amplified by crystals

Clearing Spray