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Mini Me Kids Yoga & Mediation B :age 7-12


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Mini Me Kids Yoga & Mediation B :age 7-12

Mini Me Yoga, an international company, founded by Kate Bartram-Brown, that has brought the power of positive thinking and wellness to children all over the World over 25 countries, is now offering programs in HK. Mini Me Yoga’s mission is to bring JOY into children’s lives, by practicing yoga & its philosophy to cultivate Happiness, Healthiness, Mindfulness into a child’s daily life. 

Yoga for kids isn’t only for the benefit of the body health, it is proven that more importantly for the development of mind to be positive and mindful in a lifelong benefit.

Academic benefits: capable to find balance to increase concentration, analytical skill, and memory ability.
Mental health benefits: able to manage emotions, stress and anxiety due to exams or competition.

Social skill Benefits: increase clarity of mind,able to express feelings with friends and adults.

Mini Me Yoga class adopts an interactive method to stimulate kids creativity and interest to practice yoga poses and mindfulness. It combines asana poses, breathing technique to stimulate each body parts with oxygen nutrients to bring to the brain and each organs. Plus meditation for mind and body relaxation, kids leave the class with positive energy to continue in their other activities.

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