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Earth & Star Fire Powder (incense) - Handmade in Hawaii


Earth and Star Fire Powder

This blend is made with flowers from Big Island Hawaii.

This amazing fire powder is made by hand grinding the flowers that come  to me in between the solstices.

sharing from the Medicine Woman, Nina:
“I use a mortar and a pestle made from lava stones I gathered from the new lava flow on big island.

I grind the flower petals up into a fine powder on one of the solstices.

A light blend of organic essential oils are added for an extra little boost.“

To use: place a small amount of fire powder in your palm. State your prayer or positive intentions, and blow, sprinkle or toss into a sacred fire, or charcoal incense disc.

Best used on an out door fire.

Only non toxic flower petals are used.

1/2 once.

Earth & Star Fire Powder (incense) - Handmade in Hawaii