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Findhorn Sacred Light Mist (100ml)


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Findhorn Sacred Light Mist (100ml)

Sacred Light - Its about Love & Wisdom

  • Helps you to find inspiration and evoke the aspiration to strengthen the heart-mind connection and realise inner wisdom.
  • Infusion of Lotus Lily Flower Essence
  • Made at the Bodhi tree where the Buddha realised enlightenment. 

This essence helps to transform limitations of the mind, to transcend worldly concerns, and to think and act from the heart.


Water, Blue Lotus essential Oil and Lotus Lily Flower Essence

  • 幫助您找到靈感,喚起渴望,加強心靈聯繫,實現內心智慧。
  • 注入佛陀在菩提樹上蓮花百合花精華。  
  • 有助於改變心靈的局限,從內心思考和行動。

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