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我們時常將注意力放於無線電話,要嘗試離開三分鐘,已經算是個挑戰!唯有曾加家中,公司,或隨身物品可以幫助我們清理下電子用品的電磁波影響。Selenite 透石膏水瞐是防電磁波,及負能量,是天然界中的寶物。它的高而純潔的振頻可平衡不稳定能量和令頭腦平静。

Selenite 加字來自希臘女神-Selen, 她帶著去天使最純潔的光能量, 能淸除負面能量與及其阻礙影響。有Selenite 作保護的地方不但美觀,最重要是時時有清晰思路,更多空間給與新能量。

由裝飾燈,蠟燭台, 按摩棒等等不同家居或個人用途種類。希望大家時刻被正面能量包圍!

We realised the high and pure vibration of Selenite and believed in its energetic property that brings you with peace to a clutter mind, and balance our unsettled energy.

Its named after the Greek goddeess - Selen, it symbolizes Clarity and it connects to Angelic Realm to bring light purest energy to shield off negative energy, clear blockages so to make space for new energy and clarity to mind.  

White Selenite is used to protect the aura from outside influences. ... Orange Selenite, also known as Peach or Red Selenite, has been colored by other minerals for its light to dark pearly orange color. Orange Selenite holds the same energies as Selenite with the added energy to balance the Sacral Chakra.

From candle holder, selenite lamp, home decor book end, selenite stone, to healing wand, we offer a wide selection of Selenite items for different functional usage for your home and office decorations.


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